About Baja Kits

Baja Kits Australia is the authorised Australian distributor for Baja Kits by Brenthel Industries.


Baja Kits were created by Jonathon & Jordan Brenthel, co-owners at Brenthel Industries. Baja Kits have been developed along with their off-road racing business, where they build world class off-road Trophy Trucks & Buggies.


Baja Kits creates unique suspension products for 4wd vehicles. At Baja Kits, we build suspension products that will increase clearance for larger tires but we don’t make “lift kits.” Our goals are much higher than simply making parts that “fit” on your vehicle. Baja Kits will maximize your vehicles suspension function without compromising safety or performance. Baja Kits uses the latest tools and design technologies to engineer suspension systems that seriously enhance your trucks capabilities. Baja Kits relies on the same quality materials, meticulous hand built construction and proper suspension geometry that Trophy Truck and Unlimited Open Wheeled race vehicle designers at Brenthel
Industries use.


Some kits on the market do little to enhance your vehicles performance; they are made for looks. In fact, they can degrade the safety and handling of your truck and lead to premature wear and/or damage to your suspension components. Instead of compromising your vehicle, why not enhance it with a Baja Kit. Baja Kits offer many fine products like fabricated uprights, upper control arms and complete bolt-on long travel suspensions for 4wd vehicles.


Product Development Process:


The process begins with 3D computer models of your truck furnished directly from the manufacturer. We then design a unique suspension that incorporates the factory mounting points. The suspension and steering is cycled on the computer to optimize the design. When the perfect geometry is derived, each part is then further refined using Finite Element Analysis, (FEA). FEA applies loads and stresses to each part to simulate tough offroad use. Only after extensive computer analysis is the design ready to build a prototype. Once the prototype has been thoroughly tested and approved the suspension system is ready for production.


Obviously, this level of attention to detail is not cheap but the result is a suspension system that is made to the highest level of quality and performance. Baja Kits’ extensive research and development process is time consuming and costly but by building multiple kits the cost can be recouped through volume sales. It allows us to provide a truly custom performance suspension at a reasonable cost. Don’t waste your time and hard earned money on a kit that does not deliver true performance, get a Baja Kit!


For Australia, to ensure our Baja Kits are suited for the environment we first had them strucutally tested & weld tested. Click here to view our ISO test. In Australia we are governed state by state for our vehicle registration rules, and thus we suggest you check with your governing body before installing Baja Kits on your vehicle. To ensure in NSW that our Baja Kits could be fitted with OME specications we had a NSW RMS Engineer, test, inspect and approve for NSW road registration. Click here to view our appoval. 


Please note - When installing Baja Kits it is the vehicle owners responsibility to ensure they check with their governing body on the approval of these components.